30 Days of Lists: Day 12

Day 12:  Weekly Rituals

Ugh, what a crappy topic.

I really don’t know what to write here.  Um, trash goes out twice per week; recycling once. 

I’ve been good about doing dishes, every night, after dinner.

I go to work every day (usually).

I start projects, almost daily, that get abandoned at some point.

I don’t really have “rituals” that I do every week.  I have DAILY ones. You know, the Morning Routine (when you wake up); the After Work Routine; the Before Bed Routine; the Exercise Routine.  I guess I could talk about those, but really, who the eff cares?!

Morning:  wake up, potty, brush teeth, care for retainers, get dressed, kiss the Widget goodbye, go to work.

After Work:  dump my bag in the studio, start dinner, eat dinner, clean up after dinner, check email, try to clean a little bit, maybe watch some TV with Jake, and, depending on the weather, do something outside (although, not much this summer, too damn hot!)

Before Bed:  I do the Exercise Routine, shower, have a snack, putz for a bit (either craft, clean or veg), go up and brush my teeth, do the retainer thing and go to bed.

Exercise:  That changes, daily.  But I do what is called out for the day.  Haven’t missed a day since I started (don’t get excited, I started like 3 weeks ago :-p)

That’s it.

Big whoop.

Another waste of a post.  Eh, whatever, I did it.


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