12 – Home

Wow, been a while since I did this category.  A lot has changed, a lot has stayed the same and quite a bit has reverted back to the original design.

I’ll give a quick, room-by-room update: (nest time I’ll take pics…)

Living Room:  Is a COMPLETE disaster area.  I’ve been using it as staging for getting my Studio clean and organized (and all in ONE room).  I hope to attack it more tonight and this weekend.  There is a LOT to be done, but hopefully, if I bribe the Widget, it will get done quickly.  Once the Studio Staging is done, I have furniture I want to bring into the room and furniture that I will remove/sell/give-away/trash.  Haven’t quite figured it all out yet.  I’ve got Studio Tunnel Vision right now…

Studio:  I have decided to call my Office/Craft Room my “Studio”…cuz it’s only one word and sounds fancy :-p  It’s coming along.  I’ve done some work in there (painting, desk arrangement, shelf hanging).  Still a LOT more to be done, but it will get done AND I have been using it in it’s “hot effin mess” state (which is saying a lot for me because I can’t function in a mess.  Total shut-down and slack-jawed drooling.  No lie).  So, right now, this room is indefinitely lumped in with the Living Room until the staging is done.

Bathroom and Hall Closets:  The bathroom is in serious need of a makeover.  Needs new flooring, new paint (technically, I should probably rip down all the damn tile on the wall and start fresh *sigh*), new faucet…serious work.  That’s gonna have to take a back burner for a while, but I’ll do what I can, when I can.  The Hall Closets need some tweaking.  And purging.  One is a Coat Closet, one is the Linen Closet.  The LC has a pipe in it that needs to be removed (from the days when the washing machines used to be in the kitchen) and new shelving.  The CC needs to be purged, painted and organized.  Not a huge, over-whelming job, just not a high priority.  It will happen.

The Kitchen:  I *still* have not finished the damn thing!  I still have quarter-round to put down, gingerbread to take down, light fixtures to hang, switches to change out…and now, cabinetry to move.  There is a window that ONLY looks out to the driveway.  I want to move the fridge and cover that window.  I’ll leave it in, just won’t be able to see out of it.  With that fridge move, I have room for a few more base cabinets (heck, wall ones too!).  That will give me more storage and more counter space.  I need to take out one cabinet, over the stove, and replace it with a microwave cabinet (so I can take that off the counter).  I need to move my pantry next to my dishwasher.  Move the utensil drawer unit over to the fridge wall, paint the window frames and trim…needless to day, there’s more work that I had originally thought, so that will be a slow, on-going nightmare for a while.  I’ll just be REALLY happy when it’s done.  (must borrow tools to get a few things done…and some brawn).

The Dining Room:  Could use a fresh coat of paint (the cats have done some damage to the walls…buggers).  I need to hang a ceiling medallion, which means I need to take the ceiling fan down first (ugh).  Want to move a few things around in there.  Would like a new, smaller table (as there are only two of us in the house and I don’t entertain, much).  But mostly, this room is “ok”.

The Basement:  Has two sections, the Finished Part and the Utility Room.  The Finished Part just needs some serious carpet cleaning, serious TOY cleaning and SOMEDAY, better lighting.  The Utility Room needs some work.  A pipe needs to come out; new, better lighting put in; the old freezer needs to go, the floor needs a good scrubbing and I need to re-vamp my storage options.  Again, right now, low priority (cuz no one sees that mess).  I’d also like to paint it, try to use colors that would enhance the lack of natural lighting down there.

Jacob’s Room:  That boy SERIOUSLY needs to clean!  I need to paint the trim and window frames in there too.  I’d like to move some furniture around, swap some from my room (mirrored dressers) and I need to swap the bed frame and boxspring with my mom.  Long story, don’t ask.  My house is an older Cape Cod, so the upstairs rooms have some funny shapes…I’d like to turn his alcove/gable into a study nook.  Will need to hash that out, but again, not a priority (it will be soon tho!)

Upstairs Bathroom:  This is the full bath.  This one isn’t too bad.  Although, being me, there are a few things I’d like to change <G>  It needs a fresh coat of paint, new caulking around the tub.  I’d like to paint the vanity and medicine cabinet.  I need a new shower curtain (have a “scathingly, brilliant idea” for that…will share later 😉  I’d LOVE to put new floors in, but that isn’t in the budget for a while.

Linen Closet:  Needs to be emptied, repainted (inside), new shelving and then reorganized.  Someday.

My Bedroom:  Basically, I just want to re-arrange it.  Make better use of the space and streamline it a bit (and DEFINITELY stop using it as a dumping ground for everything that’s in-between homes or in need of one).  *sigh*  I have two closets in my bedroom.  One reach-in and one walk-in.  Both need help.  Paint, re-vamping, cleaning and organizing. 

I haven’t done SQUAT in my room in a while because I’ve been obsessing over “public areas” of the house first.  I will finish with those Public Areas (to make them at least “passable”) and then start using FLYLADY to tackle the rest of the house…I’ve been a fluttering, flailing, FAILING flybaby for years.  I need to strap on those wings and kick ass and take names.  NO more screwin’ around.

So, there you have it, my house is a HOT mess (we aren’t even going to TALK about the outside), but I’m stubborn and I will win.


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