Okie dokie…here we go!

01 – Hobbies:  Actually got quite a bit going on here.  Still working on CELTIC SUMMER (cross stitch); doing some scrapbooking; making some jewelry AND creating a new STUDIO to do it all in.  Go HERE to check it out 🙂

02 – Things to Improve:  Oy.  Ok, I need to improve my work ethic (at work and at home).  Been rather lax lately.  My time management skills.  My financial fuck ups.  Carving out some ME time.  Scheduling at least ONE summer activity with Jacob and I.  I can’t believe he goes back to school in a few weeks, and we haven’t done anything 😦

03 – Reflection:  July was busy in spurts.  Jake spent a week with his dad, so I, obviously, spent some of that time in a funk (and watching Supernatural on DVD).  Went to the zoo with my brother and his family, my sister and her family and Jake.  We had a nice time.  Did crafting with friends.  Spent money.  Totally forgot to pay a few bills (didn’t spend the money on anything else, just forgot to mail the stupid bills…idiot)

04 – Health/Fitness:  Started a fitness plan (that I can live with and stick to) in late July.  Haven’t missed a day and am quite proud of myself.  Even been cooking (healthier) at home!  Go me!  Still have a long road ahead of me, but I’m happy with what I’m doing and where I’m planning to go.

05 – Upcoming Events:  Let’s see…chiropractor (Jake); orthodontist (me) for new retainer; training classes for work (boo!); my brother’s birthday; pool party with my crafty ladies; and back-to-school.  Whew!  I’m already tired!

06 – Work:  Still enjoying my new home.  Found out my OLD boss is retiring and my CURRENT boss has taken his job.  Cross your fingers that NEW boss will be human.  Chasing my tail a bit with some projects, but all-in-all, I’m very happy.  🙂

07 – Finances:  Yeah, I screwed up again, but not horribly (thank goodness).  Just need to do a bit of juggling and all should be good.  YAY!

08 – Family/Friends:  all are doing pretty well.  I’m still in “hermit-mode” but it’s getting better.  I *do* go hang with the ladies on Friday nights (although, I will admit to only doing it after being badgered from 3 different directions LOL) and I’ve hung with my sister and nephew a  few times (with Jake!)  I WILL get better!  Promise!

09 – Wish List:  Don’t really have anything to add, so that’s good!  LOL

And there ya go, all up-to-date!


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