30 Days of Lists: Day 9

Day 9:  Favorite Websites and Blogs

Oooh, Link Love is the topic for today!


  • Pinterest (my latest, BIGGEST obsession…a virtual corkboard!  Better than bookmarks, totally)
  • Pottermore (althought, that hasn’t really started yet)
  • XKCD (geek humor…always good for a giggle)
  • Facebook (although, it’s not keeping my attention much lately)
  • AboutOne (nifty site for keeping yourself and your household organized…and mobile!)
  • Animal Rescue Site (click once a day to donate food to hungry animals.  Links to other HELP sites as well…I click ’em all at least once a day)
  • FLYLADY (I am a fluttering, failing FlyBaby, but I’m tryin’)

For Blogs:

Ok, that’s a quick list of my current favorites 🙂  There are more, but I can’t remember them all (some I link to from Facebook, so I don’t have them bookmarked.  I know, BAD JEN!  NO COOKIE!)

I do have some favorite FRIENDS’ blogs, but don’t want to link to them without permission. (sure hope Nizzy doesn’t mind that I did anyway! :-p)


Comments on: "30 Days of Lists: Day 9" (1)

  1. I certainly don’t mind some folks swinging by to read *MY* verbal vomit. I’m just trying to find my voice.
    I will check out some of those links because I’m always looking for more time to waste on the internet. Not really, but Really.

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