09 – Wish List

As always, my wish lists start with:

  • My Studio to be finished (and organized)
  • My basement to be dry, stink-free and clean
  • Lyposuction
  • Jensen Ackles (just kidding, he’s married…damn it)
  • Financial Stability
  • Continued good health (for both the Peanut and Me)
  • A good school year for the Peanut
  • A new (work) boss that I can work with (and don’t hate)
  • Some EXPEDIT bookcases for the living room (and Jake’s room)
  • A landscaper
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan (at least HE’S not married…I think)
  • Summer to be over
  • Motivation to WORK (at home) and get things done
  • Season 6 of Supernatural on DVD
  • A lovely, solitary log cabin in the mountains somewhere; or
  • A quaint little witch’s cabin by the sea so I can escape from PEOPLE for a bit (SO not a “people” person) I shall describe, in detail, my dream get-away…just not today :-p

Ok, this has turned into more of a WHINE list, but whatever.  There ya go.


Comments on: "09 – Wish List" (3)

  1. Most of these are pretty attainable. This kind of reminds me of this vision board concept that I see folks around the web are creating. Maybe you should take these ideas and translate them visually to create your own board to help keep you focused on your wants and wishes.

  2. oooh, so i have a good excuse to pin up pics of JA and JDM? 😀

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