30 Days of Lists: Day 8

Day 8:  In my bag

Well, I left my handbag…SOMEWHERE (hopefully in the car), so I will use my backpack.

  • My old day planner
  • My retainer case
  • My work ID
  • My work keys
  • Umbrella
  • Extra bag
  • My Orthodontic Care Box
  • A paper fan
  • My “incidentals” bag (nail clipper, etc.)
  • Two pill cases (key fobs)
  • Band aid box
  • IKEA catalog (forgot that ws in there!)
  • Another “incidentals” bag (for eye glass care, hand lotion, etc.)

Good lord I carry around a lot of sh*t!

Note to self:  clean out the back when you get home!


Comments on: "30 Days of Lists: Day 8" (1)

  1. Well, you are prepared for a hot, rainy day of running around shopping in IKEA. And if you trip, fall, and skin your knees you’re covered.

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