Jacob lost his LAST baby tooth last night 😦  Granted, that sucker held on FOREVER and it was a hard-won battle to get the sucker out, but it is gone.

I’m both happy and sad.  I’ve loved every stage he’s gone thru (even the terrible two’s when I wanted to sell him to the “gypee sypees” – gypsies for those of you not in my family and hip to our lingo). 

He’s now growing like a freakin weed.  He’s nearly as tall as me (I’m somewhere between 5’5″ and 5’7″, depending on what doctor); wears a size 11 MENS shoe; his voice is changing (which I find HIGHLY amusing); and his physique is changing (I think the shoulders, arms and chest are due to nearly 6 months months of crutch use).

Goodbye childhood.  On to “greener” pastures in “teen-hood”  Greener because I think I’m gonna be sick… :-&

Who would have thought my little peanut of a baby (he was a preemie, people!) would grow so big and so fast???


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