Busy Weekend!

Whew!  What a busy/productive weekend!

I started out Friday night by doing a bit of shopping at Staples and Home Depot.  Staples for office supplies and organization supplies.  Home Depot for a home improvement project.  FINALLY painting the window frames in my living room.  They were NASTY!

When I got home, I put stuff away, but gathered items needed for the window frames.  While watching Season 4 of Supernatural on DVD, I took down my curtains and taped up the windows.  Probably looked incredibly silly to my neighbors as my front window is HUGE (like 10 feet long) and I had to keep going up and down the step stool.  Ran out of masking tape after one window, so had to stop (it was getting late anyway) until the morning.

Saturday morning, I started some laundry and decided to raid my paint supplies to see if I maybe had more tape in there.  I did!   I have metal window frames (my house was built in the 50s) so I used a wire wheel and my drill to scrape off the paint.  Rest assured, I used a mask.  (couldn’t find my safety glasses tho :”>)

I still had to run out for more errands (and I needed spackle to fix some dings in my walls) so off I went.

Once home, I flip flopped the laundry and painted my frames.  In between coats I watched more Supernatural and did more laundry (pretty cool to catch up on it all!)

I got my Peanut back on Saturday night!  😀  We stopped at Panera Bread for dinner on the way home and then hit Target.  He needed some “pages” for his baseball card collection (oh, can we PLEASE kill that obsession?!) and I wanted to graduate him to “grown up” linens.  (He’s been using character towels and washcloths since he was an Itty Bitty…he’s now 12, he’s ready for more mature linens).  Also found a lovely, lovely shade/curtain for my living room, so I picked that up.  I’d like to get the matching curtains (hmm…seems there’s not a link for them on their website) as well, but at $25 a pop…I will have to piecemeal it.

Afterward, we went to my friend’s house for a little crafty time.  I didn’t craft, but got UBER organized (with my jewelry).  I will have to show you the end results (I forgot to take pictures of what I started with).  I’m VERY pleased. 🙂

Sunday we got up early and met my sister, nephew, brother, sister-in-law and baby nephew at the zoo.  It’s a small zoo and it was really cute.  Nestled along a nice river. 

We had a lovely time.  It was good to see my brother (even if there are some family issues going on) and his family. 

My brother and his clan left early, as the baby (heck he’s almost 2!) was getting tired.  My sister, newphew, Jake and I stayed and played on the rocks at the river for a bit then had a late lunch and went our separate ways.

I did more crafty organizing (while watching MORE Supernatural) and Jacob organized some of his card collection.

We were quite tired, but had a GREAT weekend! 

I shall, hopefully, edit this post later today to add some pictures 🙂


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