Check Out Ma Grille

Peanut got braces today!

And since I am SUCH an evil mama, I photo-documented the whole thing…AND I’m sharing!

 It all started with his last, bracket-less brush…

Then, he sat, oh, so patient and excitedly for the process to begin.

SEE! Doesn’t he look UBER excited?

They checked out his teeth.  Secretly, I think they just wanted to see how much of their hands they could SHOVE in there…


 Next, they blow-dried his teeth to give them some body and wave… 

Actually, they're drying that nasty @$$ glue


Oh No!  The brackets are invading!

Halfway there!

The invasion stopped with just his top teeth…

Metal Mouth

But they brought a glowing blue alien! 

Check out his grille…

Die hard Panthers fans wear the blue and black EVERYWHERE

We (*I*) have decided that he will be a can opener for Halloween.  And his best friend will be a can of soup!  Yes, I *am* an evil parent.  You’re suprised?

Seriously?  I think he looks stinkin’ cute in those things 🙂


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