01 – Hobbies:  I’ve made several pieces of jewelry (and have several more in the queue).  I’ve even sold a pair of earrings!  Go see HERE.

02 – Things to Improve:  Well lately, my finances, my health, my fitness, my attitude, my view of self, my time management skills…

03 – Reflection:  Um, May was bad, let’s just leave it at that.

04 – Health/Fitness:  Yeah, I *really* need to work on this.  Was doing well walking at night with a friend, but when the temperatures get too hot, I just can’t do it.  It’s too hard to breathe, and when you’re already winded cuz you’re fat, that’s just awful.  Working on it.  Got a new plan 😉

05 – Upcoming Events:  last day of school; baseball game; Peanut gets his braces on; friends’ anniversary party; Independence Day

06 – Work:  still going well.  have a few things to “finish” and other things to just keep tabs on, but all-in-all, “I’m winning!”

07 – Finances:  yeah, we discussed this, nothing’s changed since Tuesday, however, I *am* working on it.

08 – Family/Friends:  Status Quo.  Not necessarily a bad thing…

09 – Wish List:  Just did this today, so not much to “progress check” about…

There, I’m now up-to-date!

Enjoy your weekend!


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