07 – Finances

I’ve created a budget.  Re-visited the envelope system.  And tried to use cash exclusively.

Thank goodness I had an emergency fund set up.  My car needed to be inspected and FAILED due to motor mounts (now, before you try to give me the whole “are you SURE you needed them?  They like to scam women” speech, I *have* noticed the tell-tale noise and have been ignoring it – you know, turning up the radio?  AND this place is one I go to a lot, they’ve never done me dirty).

I *did* negotiate with them.  I got a whopping $25 chopped off the price, but it’s SOMETHING!  I still need brakes, but they weren’t bad enough to fail me.  Hopefully, this paycheck (or maybe next) I can swing the brakes.

So…not a GREAT financial month, but it didn’t suck.  And I plan for it to get better AND put the money BACK into my emergency fund.  May take a while, but it will happen!


Comments on: "07 – Finances" (2)

  1. Please share what that tell-tale noise is…

  2. it’s like a knocking/tapping noise during acceleration. I thought it was my heat-sheild (cuz that’s the noise i heard in a old car with that issue), but after doing some research, they sound the same it seems

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