03 – Reflection

April was pretty good.

It started off a little bumpy with taking S’mores to the vet and pretty much being accused of abusing her (later “recanted” by diff vet – same practice – who was able to get blood, test it and find out she was FINE *snap*).

Next was my normally scheduled orthodontic follow up.  Space is still taking it’s own sweet time closing, but it will get there (would help if I wore my special retainer more, but I can barely speak with it in and it’s hard to be “good” when it was a retainer – and being good with it! – that started the problem!).

Next was Jake’s follow-up with his spine doctor.  His spondylolesthesis has not progressed, so he was given a clean bill and the final “go ahead” to be a 12-year old boy again!  All sports/activities are a go again!! 🙂

Another follow-up with S’mores at the vet (already told you about that one).

Jake was on Spring Break and spent most of it at his dad’s.  But the days he was home, he did pretty well 🙂

Went to my mom’s for Easter and brought our cousin, Marge, with us.  It was nice to have another family holiday (last big one was xmas, and the last “full family” one).

Rounded out the month with FINALLY getting to see a friend’s band play.  They were very good and I had a great time out with friends.  🙂


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