1 – Hobbies

Oh, I have hobbies…I just haven’t “hobbed” lately.

I caught up beading with my Celtic Summer cross stitch and then promptly set it down and ignored it.

My craft room is still in a state of “WTF is going on in here!?”  My old craft room is a disaster.

The sweater I was crocheting for a friend is at a stand-still.  And has been for months.  I may have to rip it out and start over :-/

I haven’t done any scrapbooking since Split Rock.

I’ve been a TV junkie and computer whore for the past few weeks.  I so need to stop that.  I don’t even LIKE TV.  Seriously, I can’t even sit through a full episode of anything without walking away and forgetting it’s on.

Maybe today, after work, I will try to do something in the craft room?  Maybe I’ll at least throw out trash?  We shall see.

But, in the meantime, you can see what I *have* done and what my lovely friend, Nizzy, has done over at our crafty website…

Creatively Motivated.


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