21 –  Jacob:  Still no grade on his awesome paper (argh!), but he got an A- (93/100) on his social studies test from friday 🙂

22 – The Future:  haven’t done much to even reflect on this since my last post.  Bad Jen!

23 – Pets:  Are status quo.  Smores coat is looking softer and fluffier, but she’s still quite thin and pukey :-/

24 – Me:  Let’s not go there today, k?

25 – Good Deeds:  None that I can think of since my post.  Again, Bad Jen!

26 – Trying Something New:  I drove MYSELF to a BAR to see a friend’s band play.  BIG deal for me, you have no idea…

27 – Purging/Cleaning/Organizing:  Haven’t done squat.  Hell, I didn’t even finish the damn laundry this weekend!

28 – Travel:  Um, you read that I went to see a friend’s band, right?  Well, I “traveled” to NJ for it :-p

29 – Relationships:   What a mess.  Called it quits last night, but I’m not quite sure it’s over.  He seems to want to actually try, but I don’t know if I can get passed the lie…


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