28 – Travel

Ah, travel.

I love to travel.  🙂


But I haven’t the funds or the time to do it right now. *boo*

If I had unlimited time and funds, I’d go to IRELAND for a good 2 weeks or so (I doubt my attention span would allow me any more time, unless, I just never came back 😉

Did you ever have a place that just called to you?  No matter what you did, where else you went, this place haunted you?

That’s Ireland for me.  I love everything about it.  The people.  The land.  The traditions.  The history.  The myths.  The magic.

And I want to go there so badly!

But it has to stay on the Wish List for now.  I’ve other financial items to deal with first, then this can move up.

So, this space will be where I whinge and dream about Ireland, but also where I record more “domestic” travel.

Domestically, I’m only going the next state over (tomorrow) to see a friend’s band play.

And he better appreciate it, cuz I hate New Jersey and I’m gonna miss the Flyers game.  LOL

But, I now have a GPS, so maybe I won’t hate Jersey so much…


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