I was gonna say that I didn’t try anything new, but I just realized I tried a new card game with friends a few days ago.

The game is called Munchkin Cthulhu.

It’s confusing and loud and not something I’d want to play again.  Eh, not true, I’d give it another chance, but I felt like I was playing Pokemon.

Whatever, I tried it.  Had a great time with friends and even drank a bit of wine (I’m so not a drinker).

Hey!  I guess that counts as another “something new”.  I had some Arbor Mist Strawberry Wine.  Not *real* wine, I hear you say, but for someone who does NOT enjoy alcohol, it’s a big step.

Oh and I also played the game Apples To Apples.  THAT one, I enjoyed.  🙂


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