25 – Good Deeds

I know I did *something* good this last month, but damed if I can remember what it was.

I took a load of boxes to Goodwill on Saturday.  First run since I boxed up all of my aunt’s clothes.  I don’t feel sad, I feel blank.  Like it’s a job to do, not something to get all emotional over…and believe it or not folks, that’s not like me.

I *pretend* not to feel anything most times, but I’m not actually emotionless.

Anyway, the grand total was 6 boxes; 4 large and 2 small.  2 of the large boxes were some of my clothes.

Hopefully, next month, I’ll be able to report that I’ve found a new home for the hospital bed, computer desk and PAX [IKEA] closet.


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