22 – The Future

Hmmm…good topic…I haven’t really given much thought to the “far away” future. I mean, Jacob will be going off to college (hopefully) in a few years. What will I do with myself? I regularly get into a serious funk when he goes to his dad’s for the weekend, what am I gonna do when he’s flown the nest?! I guess I should start a hobby (or start ACTIVELY pursuing my current hobbies). I’d like to be debt-free in the NEAR future. I *had* a plan to be completely debt-free in about 7 years (including my mortgage), but with my aunt passing and other financial hits, I need to re-evaluate that plan. I think I can have everything ELSE paid off (car, student loans, credit cards, etc.) but the mortgage may have to hang around for a bit 😦 With the way the economy’s going, I hope I can KEEP my house. Some months I struggle, but for the most part I’m ok…just need to keep being “ok” I want to be the grandma that has time to watch the kiddies, do activities with them, cook/bake with/for everyone…but I also want to be on my own, not dependent upon Jake and future grandchildren for something to do/happiness…


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