21 – Jacob

Jacob is such an amazing kid!

He spent 5 days at his dad’s during Spring Break.  He could have stayed an extra day, but he missed me and wanted to spend some time with me too 🙂

He, after much frustration and console banging, figured out WHY his PS3 would not connect to the internet (the PS3 “site” itself was down, not our router!)

He knows everything he’s getting from the Easter Bunny and is PATIENTLY waiting for Easter to receive it.  How’s THAT for amazing?!  LOL

Still no grade for his story, but I’m still quite proud of him 😀

He is learning to INITIATE time with his friend, rather than waiting to be invited.  That’s a big deal.

Sadly, he’s also learning who his *real* friends are.  That’s always a hard lesson.

He’s STILL not completely “house-trained”.  As in, he *still* doesn’t pick up after himself.  Hopefully this is a maturity thing and will develop in the next few years…(he was better at it as a little one, however, so I’m not sure how/when this will re-develop in him)

Overall, I’m quite proud of my Jacob.  (I wanted to write “Peanut” or “Little Guy” in there, but he’s neither anymore 😦 “Big Boy” sounds too juvenile too.  “Young Man” doesn’t work either.  I need to come up with a new nickname for him before I slip and call him “Peanut” infront of his friends…again!  :-/)


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