Time to check-in:

11 – The World Around Me/News:  The young teen that was injured in the hit-and-run from March is alert and recovering!  Still has a long road ahead of him, but he’s obviously a fighter!

12:  Home:  Been working on the rooms.  Bought new curtains for three of the rooms.  Even ironed them before I hung them up.  I know!  Weird.  LOL  Still have lots to clean/declutter/sell/toss, but I’m working on it…just wish I could focus on one room at a time, but I have ADD when it comes to cleaning…which does NOT help me follow FlyLady. 😦

13:  Successes:  Still haven’t seen a grade for Jake’s story.  However, it IS Spring Break, so hopefully next week we’ll have a grade!

14:  Spiritual Life:  Yep, still have done nothing.  Been in a funk this week…of course, if I’d re-find my spirituality, I might be able to keep this funk at bay…damn Catch-22’s…

15 – Maintenance:  Haven’t done any of my HOME list; so far, so good on the ME list (although, it’s barely been a week); aaand, haven’t done diddly on the CAR list either.  I suck at this!

16 – Books/Movies:  Haven’t bought any new books.  Have requested the book club book (“Stuck In Neutral”).  Haven’t seen any movies either (although, I *did* watch the last hour of High School Musical 3 on Monday…shhhhh)

17 – 101 in 1001:  Well, let’s see…I only started the retainers (17) last night, but I say it counts :-p; I hung out with friends on Saturday night (11); went for a long walk on Monday night (51); set up an automatic $10/week savings into my ING account (56); got curtains for the craft room (95); not too bad…not crossing anything off yet, as I’m not totally convinced they’re done yet.

18 – Blessings:  Yep, Jake is still my biggest blessing.  🙂

19 – Frustrations:  totally skipped this one.  I’ll go back and add it when I finish the progress check…

And that does it for the check-in.  Tune-in on the 30th for the next episode of  Progress Check

*fade out*


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