101 in 1001

Start Date:  Tuesday, April 5, 2011

End Date:  Tuesday, December 31, 2013

1001 Days

143 Weeks

32 months


Personal & Lifestyle:


1.                             Cook a new recipe once per month

2.                             Go to Ireland

3.                             Wear make-up daily

4.                             Get up with enough time to do make-up

5.                             Cleanse, tone & moisturize, twice daily

6.                             Go to Frau’s EVERY Friday

7.                             Post b-day cards on time

8.                             Find and practice a centering ritual

9.                             Volunteer regularly at school

10.                       Start a new project and actually finish it!

11.                       Spend more time with friends

12.                       INITIATE time with friends

13.                       Write more letters

14.                       Finish Jacob’s baby album

15.                       Play my flute again

16.                       Make smaller albums as gifts

17.                       Clean and maintain retainers on a more regular basis

18.                       Buy clothes that fit, not sizes I wish did

19.                       Journal my progress w/ 101 in 1001 in LJ

20.                       List 100 things that make me happy

21.                       Maintain a good (for me) hairstyle

22.                       Do something nice for a friend every month

23.                       Grow my own herbs

24.                       Plant a vegetable garden

25.                       Actually USE the BBQ grill

26.                       Cut down on TV time

27.                       Go OUTSIDE more often

28.                       Set up an altar

29.                       Cull my shoes

30.                       Cull my clothes

31.                       Sage stick the house

32.                       Bless the house

33.                       Read 20 new authors

34.                       Meet up with an internet friend

35.                       Go GREEN with my cleaning supplies

36.                       Scrub & disinfect litter boxes monthly

37.                       Calculate our carbon footprint and reduce it

38.                       Schedule regular ME time

39.                       Take pride in my appearance

40.                       Cultivate my friends and make them feel special

41.                       Find something to like about myself

42.                       Re-find my work ethic

43.                       Ride my bike for errands

44.                       Change heater/AC filter monthly


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