101 in 1001 (part 5)

Home Life


  78.  Organize my craft area

  79.  Organize my bedroom

  80.  Re-decorate downstairs bathroom

  81.  Paint living room

  82.  De-clutter our bedrooms

  83.  Stick with FLYLADY

  84.  Frame photos & hang

  85.  De-clutter 101 possessions

  86.  Decorate the stairs

  87.  Make a goodwill trip once per month

  88.  Do a 27-fling boogie every week

  89.  Landscape backyard

  90.  Clean out front gardens

  91.  Weed gardens every night

  92.  Clean/organize shed


  94.  Find/make curtains for kitchen

  95.  Find/make curtains for craft room

  96.  Clean basement

  97.  Re-organize basement (since I’m moving out of it)

  98.  Clean & disinfect carpets in basement

  99.  Do Weekly Home Blessing every week

100. Decorate for each holiday

101. Write a new list


Set aside $2 for each completion to be spent after 1001 days


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