My house is actually starting to get a little better.  It’s *mostly* clean.  There’s clutter, but there’s no garbage.  Some stuff has overflown from the office/craft room until I get stuff out of there.  And there is at least ONE thing in my living room that I was holding for someone to come get, but it’s been a friggin year already, so it’s going out in the trash on Monday.  I’m not a storage facility.

Both of our bedrooms are a tip, but mine is mostly because I’m using it as Goodwill Donation Central.  Boxes and bags galore…waiting for me to get my shit together and make a delivery (or CALL to have someone come get it).  Jake’s is a disaster cuz he’s a slob.  Must be a boy thing.  At least there’s no food up there (I hope).

The basement is a disaster, but it’s starting to show progress.  I can’t wait until it shows more!!!

I had considered letting Jacob take over the whole basement once I finish moving into the office upstairs, but now I’m thinking about setting it up as a home gym.  One that we can both use.  My only concern/fear is other people’s kids trying to touch stuff.  I mean, it’s not like I have a whole lot of equipment (yoga stuff, a heavy bag and a mat), but I kids need to learn that "if’n it ain’t yers, keep your grubby paws to yerself!"

Slowly, very slowly, I’m reclaiming my house.

I still have a HUGE TO DO list of things, just in relation to the house, but it’s getting smaller 😉


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  1. There is no way to ensure that kids won’t touch your things no matter where you put them. They are sneaky. Do exactly what you want with your house and kick those critters out of your house if they can’t behave themselves.

    Yay on making progress with the house. Let me know when you want to do the basement thing you asked about.

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