1971 – Was not born yet

1981 – (WG) I was 8.  I was in 2nd grade (Ms. Lux) and painfully shy, gangly, akward and goofy.  Loved animals, rainbows, unicorns, dressed badly.

1991 – (WG) I was 18 and was getting ready to graduate High School (AGHS) and start college (Drexel University).  Was dating my first SERIOUS boyfriend, Frank.  Still loved animals, rainbows, unicorns, but my sense of fashion had greatly improved.

2001 – (Telford) I was 28 and a mother to a 2-year old.  Have a BS in Mechanical Engineering (after 8 years of college).  Working for the Navy on gas turbine engines.  Renting a townhouse with my boyfriend (and father to my son).  Started an interested in scrapbooking and Wicca (not necessarily in that order). Again, still loved animals, rainbows and unicorns, but my son eclipsed them all.  My fashion sense was ok, but had begun to decline.

2011 – (Morton) I’m almost 38.  Dating a new man (for almost 4 years now).  My "baby" just turned 12.  Still work for the Navy, still with gas turbines, just in more of a support capacity now.  Own my own 3-bedroom, Cape Cod that is just cute as hell.  Have 5 cats; a wuss (Flash), a pisser (Baby), a bully & hairball hacker (Tiger), a puker (Smores) and the Coolest Effin Cat This Side of the Mississippi (Cheetah).  Scrapbooking has become a bit of an obsession, Wicca has faded into the background, but I want to re-kindle that interest, I miss it.  I still love animals and rainbows, my love for unicorns had fallen into more of a fond likeness, however my love for my son continues to expand and shine.  My fashion sense has all but disappeared.

2021- I’ll be 48. Will hopefully be very close to owning (free-and-clear) my house.  Hopefully still with "CK".  My son will probably be graduating from college (OMG!) and beginning his own journey in life.  I *might* still have all my furry babies to keep the empty nest syndrome at bay.  Will have all kinds of scrapbooking albums done (LOL).  I’m hoping my fashion sense will return to some sense of normalcy.

2031 – I’ll be 58. My son will hopefully be married to a wonderful woman, who loves him as much as he loves her.  I might be a Grandma. I *hope* to be retired at this point (comfortably).  I might NOT have the original 5 furry babies, but will probably have one or two new ones.  I will have paid for my house and given it to my son so he can raise his children in it (or sell it).  I will live nearby so I can be the Grandma that babysits whenever needed, bakes cookies with the kiddies and generally spoils them rotten.  I will have moved from scrapbooking my son’s childhood to my grandchildrens’.  And I will be the hippest, trendiest Grandma ever…cuz THEN I’ll have time to care how I look 😉


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