My BABY turned 12 on Monday!


Who the heck said that was allowed? 

Actually, while I *am* in shock (where did the time go?), I’m quite proud of the young man he’s become.  Lord knows this passed year hasn’t been easy and we’ve had some rough times in the past, but he’s come out stronger and still happy.

He had his first foot surgery just a month after his 11th birthday.  Not even a full month.  He graduated from elementary school.  Started middle school.  Had surgery on his other foot.  And just recently lost the only caregiver he’s ever really had. 

But the boy is amazing.  He grieves and feels it all, but he lets himself grieve.  Let’s himself feel happy.  Can find the happy in the sad times.  He can become a tad maudlin at times, but he can always shake himself out of it.


It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that I only "have" him for 6 more years.  After that, he goes to college and then off to start his own life.  At this point, he’s a little afraid of the whole college idea, but he’s only 12, it’s not a concept he’s prepared for yet.  Thankfully, it’s not a concept either of us have to prepare for NOW.  We’ve got time.  I often wonder what he’ll be like as a teen (because he was such a good kid); what he’ll be like as a young man; what he’ll be like with his own family.  I’m confident he’ll be great (even if I may want to feed him to a hungry shark as a teen) and I look forward to meeting all the Future Jacobs.  Past Jacob was a blast.  Present Jacob has me amazed and puff-out-my-chest proud.  Future Jacob has a lot to live up to. 

I don’t doubt him for a second.

Baby, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I couldn’t be more proud of you if you somehow found something MORE amazing to accomplish.  You are my biggest love; MY best accomplishment. 

You are my world.

Happy Birthday, Peanut, I love you!


Comments on: "TWELVE (12)" (2)

  1. Happy Birthday Jake!! You’ve raised a great man-to-be, Jen!! I can totally seeing you scaring off any future wives though! 🙂

  2. Only the worthy will be approved 😉


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