Well, i HAVE been doing something…

Purging…eh, not really good at this.  I need to *really* go through my crafting supplies and pare down.  I need to go through Jacob’s clothing and do the same thing.  Booger grew about 4 inches this year!

Cleaning…been cleaning a lot lately.  I’m not always on top of everything, but I can usually get the downstairs rooms "Company Ready" within an hour, so that’s something.

Organizing…I have started the Great Whole House Rearrangement of 2011.  I moved a large piece of furniture from my basement to my dining room.  I had originally bought it to hold 12 x 12 paper (for scrapbooking) but it wasn’t deep enough *sigh*  I decided to turn it into a china cabinet instead.  So, I emptied it last week and took it apart (that took about 2 hours to do).  Then, yesterday, I moved all the pieces into the dining room, reassembled it and filled it with my dishes.  I’m quite happy with the results.  Now, to get the computer and office supplies out of my dining room.  I think I’m going to put them back into the basement and turn my craft area into an office/craft area.  I seemed to use it more when everything was down there, so I want to try it again…


Granemo Before (filled with craft supplies)


Granemo After (filled with dishes)

Now to decide what to work on next…


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