24 – Me

I’m a bitch.

I’m a tad selfish.

I can’t stand victims who CHOOSE to be victims.

I have ZERO patience.

I am a pseudo-perfectionist (I’m learning).

I frustrate easily.

I anger easily.

I cry when I’m happy, sad, touched…

Rudeness will put me into orbit.

I mentally cringe when people speak badly ("I seen him do it")

I’m not perfect, but  I hate when people misuse words such as, a lot; they’re, their, there; your, you’re

I LIKE not being married.

I LOVE being a mom.

I HATE when people try to take advantage of me.

I am vindictive.

I have a juvenile sense of humor…sometimes.  (think Beevis & Butthead)

I don’t really get along well with people my own age.

I love children, but most of them make me want to duct tape them and throw them in a closet.

I have an eclectic music collection.

I like paranormal romances.

I believe in ME.

I don’t believe in "God".

God knows this. (bwahahahahaha)

I have a sick sense of humor.

I will laugh at inappropriate moments.

I like chocolate.

I like to cook.

I like gadgets.

I like taking things apart.

I like making things.

I equally like destroying things.

I like stuffed animals.

I have a pinched nerve in my neck.

I have a tendency to do things BEFORE asking for help and then hurting myself.

I’m impatient.

I hate admitting that I CAN’T do something.

There isn’t much I will admit to not being able to do. (:-p)

I am a loyal friend.

And a frightening enemy.

I have a tendency to react badly to idiocy.

I hate speaking in public.

I really don’t like crowds.

Other people can ruin things for me, instantly (see "crowds").

I don’t watch much TV.

I read a lot.

And usually nothing "good".

I’m fat and really don’t give two shits right now.

I’d make a LOUSY nurse (because I’d kill my first whiney-maggot patient).

I like to make up my own words and phrases ("OOPing" is one).

I’m kinda sick and tired of talking about myself now.



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