22 – Looking Ahead

I’m going to use this one to keep track of the things I need to finish between now and the next 22nd…

So, what happened LAST 22nd?

Orthodontist (me)
Take M & A to the Airport
Pick up Auntie Marge
Cook Christmas Dinner
Clean up after dinner
Plan New Year’s Eve Kids’ Party
Have Family Chrsitmas at my Mom’s
Inny’s birthday
Jacob’s Geography Bee (Round 2)
Put away Christmas
Start planning Jacob’s Birthday
Jacob to Orthopedist (cast removal!!!)
Start cleaning my big closet (to begin the Great Whole House Rearrangement of 2011!)

Hey wow!  I did most of it.  Granted, I pretty much "stacked the deck" but still :-p

What’s to be done until the NEXT 22nd…

Linkin Park!
Tiger to Vet
File taxes
Start planning Jacob’s Birthday
Get Nizzy’s birthday present
Get Uncle Eric’s birthday present
Get Uncle Steve’s birthday present
Mail all gifts (except Nizzy’s, I can GIVE her hers 😉
Two scrapbooking Crops
Jake to the Flyers
Me to the Orthodontist
Jacob’s BIRTHDAY!!!!!
More cleaning
Maybe a serious IKEA run
Major purging and donating

Well, that’s all that’s on the books right now.  I’ll probably have other things to add, but there stands my list right now …


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