19 – Frustrations

My frustration the other day, was waiting to get Jake’s cast off.

It’s petty, but we were the first people in the room, waited for over 30 minutes for someone to show up and then they worked on someone else first!

I was not amused.

But I kept telling myself, "all that matters is that the cast comes off".

And it did.  🙂

It just bothers me that people can’t wait their turn.

But then I felt bad because we left the cast room to have x-rays, then waited a bit, saw the doctor and then had to go BACK to the cast room to get the cam boot, and the people who went before us were still in there…with the doctor.  They were at a different table, but they were still in the room.  (and she had a new cast on and a brace on the other foot 😦 )

I sure hope the little one recovers quickly…

(see, just goes to show, you never know what someone’s situation is, so you shouldn’t be so quick to judge)


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