12 – Home

Aw man, I’m still not able to give you a "tour" of my home.  It’s actually neater right now, but I can’t find my rechargeable battery for my camera and I need what little battery life I have for tomorrow.

I did do some "improvements".  I FINALLY put up the frosted glass stuff on my bathroom windows.  I have curtains in there, but still felt "exposed".  Especially at night when you have to turn the lights on in the bathroom.  Now, I feel cozy.  🙂

I’m still making plans for each room in the house.  Still trying to figure out the best starting point.  I know I should just "jump in" at this point, but I know me and I’ll get PISSED if I don’t pick the best place to start. 

Right now, I’m thinking that’s my walk-in closet.  I need to empty stuff out of there in order to make room for one of the closets from Inny’s room.  Once those are out of her room, I can put some dressers down in her room (considering putting THIS in her room, since she can’t open drawers…but, she doesn’t dress herself anyway, but at least stuff will be neat AND I think it will take the weight of her new (when I finally go pick it up) GIANT TV.  Just need to decide on a color.

I’d give her the one from my room, but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it or put it in Jake’s room…


I’ve got several home improvement projects that are PROJECTS.  Unfortunately, those will have to wait until I have more time and money (renovating a bathroom, putting in carpets?, redo-ing insulation, etc.)


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