07 – Finances

Well, I’ve caught up on a BIG bill that was behind, so I’m happy.  Although, I just realized I have yet to put in it in the freakin mail.  *sigh*

I’m getting better about having money in between paychecks, but I haven’t been putting it into savings like I should.  I think I’m just waiting for my tax return.  Although, I’ve been in a panic for a few months that I won’t actually be getting one, which is just stupid, I have a child and own a home, there will be one.  I think it’s my brain trying to tell me to stop waiting and stop relying on "later".  The whole "Do it now" principle.

Yeah, "do it now" is a hard concept for a seasoned procrastinator.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot more "get ‘er done" moments than "eff, it, it can wait" ones.  But lately, I haven’t been arsed to do anything.  The computer (FACEBOOK) is a big culprit.  Damn Frontierville LOL.  Which is why I brought back the Technology Free days (any day with a "T" in it is a no TV, no computer, no video game day).  It’s my hope those breaks will help break me of my bad computing habits. 

Anyway, I’m getting off-topic.

Finances are turning around.  I just need to stop waiting for the wind-fall and deal with the sprinkles I get on occasion.


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