22 – Looking Ahead

I’m going to use this one to keep track of the things I need to finish between now and the next 22nd…

So, what happened LAST 22nd?

I need to finish Thanksgiving food shopping (no worries, all the *important* stuff is got šŸ˜‰
Clean my dining room (to host T Dinner)
Clean kitchen (mostly done)
Clean bathrooms
Clean living room
Brick kitties in the basement LOL
Clean up after T Dinner
"un-decorate" the house (Thanksgiving/Fall)

Decorate for Yule
Finish xmas shopping
mail out one ornament exchange
set up family and queen’s croppers pollyannas
make xmas ornament for another exchange

mail out THAT ornament
Figure out stocking stuffers
Wrap all the gifts
make cookies
make chex mix
make saltine toffee
make gluhwein
inhale gluhwein and smack the hands that try to touch it
purchase Yule dinner food items
Decide on the menu

Wow, totally hosed on the list…no one’s surprised, right?

Christmas is not one of my favorite holidays, so I tend to ignore it until the last minute.  MOST of my shopping is done.  I’ll probably be making all of my goodies on Christmas Eve (with the Widget, I hope).  I’ve mostly decided on the menu, but can’t shop until TOMORROW to get it all *sigh*

Oh well, onward!

Things that must be done by next 22nd…

Orthodontist (me)
Take M & A to the Airport
Pick up Auntie Marge
Cook Christmas Dinner
Clean up after dinner
Plan New Year’s Eve Kids’ Party
Have Family Chrsitmas at my Mom’s
Inny’s birthday
Jacob’s Geography Bee (Round 2)
Put away Christmas
Start planning Jacob’s Birthday
Jacob to Orthopedist (cast removal!!!)
Start cleaning my big closet (to begin the Great Whole House Rearrangement of 2011!)

Well, that’s all that’s on the books right now.  I’ll probably have other things to add, but there stands my list right now …


Comments on: "22 – Looking Ahead" (2)

  1. NOOOOOOOOOO! @ the Great Whole House Rearrangement of 2011. LOL

  2. I figured either you or Joan would comment on that! LOL

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