21 – Jacob

Well, I shared one of his big successes yesterday, so I’ll probably have a quick entry today.

His next biggest accomplishment has been that he is WALKING!!!  YAY!

He got his cast off on December 8th and was placed in a walking cast (sorry, no picture as yet, but it’s coming).

It took him about 2 weeks to get the hang of it (this time around), but he did and now there’s no stopping him.  Although, he does CONVENIENTLY forget that he CAN walk and expects Mama to jump up and get him XYZ.  Mama ain’t that dumb.  If Mama is already up and getting something, she WILL "deliver", but she’s done with the special trips.

He also decorated the Christmas tree [mostly] himself!  He enjoys doing it, whereas I could care less.  I can only think of how much crap I have to take off and put away in a few weeks, so I leave it to him and he does a great job.  And so far, the kitties have only killed ONE ornament (of course, the tree was just decorated last night *sigh*).  I tried to put the special ornaments closer to the top, so they’d be less of a temptation; and most of the plastic ornaments toward the bottom, so if they got batted off, they’d bounce rather than shatter.

Of course the boogers found a glass one.  *sigh*

Overall, he’s doing spectacularly well.  In school.  Healthwise.  In general.

He’s a great kid.  🙂


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