17 – Projects

Let’s see how I’ve been doing with my projects…

Crafty Ones:

Nizzy’s sweater
Celtic Summer
MM99 Ornament Exchange
Ornament for Christina
Advent Calendar for the Widget – Didn’t happen
New straps for my red dress
Opening the arm holes on my dress from C&M’s wedding
The top & pants set from the summer item I wanted to make (bought all the shit, might as well DO it)
FINISH The Widget’s baby book!
Scrapbook MORE
Holiday Bracelet(s)
Blue & Silver Bracelet
Make more holiday cards (my ones for this year are pretty much done…I mean for all the other card-worthy holidays and birthdays)

Home Improvement Ones:

Fix up the craft room
Move furniture around
Fix up the playroom
Re-do the living room
Re-do the downstairs bathroom
Rip out the front gardens?  (maybe just "clean them up" a bit)
Fix the ceiling in the dining room
Re-arrange & Decorate the Dining Room

Self Improvement Ones:

Lost 10 pounds (to start)
Start doing Yoga
Walk more
Stress less
Get better sleep
Be a better mommy (I’m a good one, I want to be GREAT!)
Get more organized (and stay that way)
Take pride in my appearance

Financial Ones:

Save more
Spend less
Pay down the debt
Finish the plan for the future
Call S back
Adjust my TSP contributions
Well, I did better with my Crafty Projects!  I think, like most people, my Financial Ones will have to wait until after the Greedy Spending Holiday…although, I’ve been good about not spending over my budget.  I actually finished the Widget UNDER $300…and I *know* I got him stuff he will LOVE LOVE LOVE!  It’s AWESOME!  🙂

**NOTE:  Items in BOLD and ITALICS are new additions**



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