16 – Habits

Oh…this is a bad one…

So many habits to break…and so many to create.

My biggest habit to break would be PROCRASTINATION.  I’ll ALWAYS try to eek out a bit more time before I do something (especially if it’s unpleasant).  However, if I’d have just done it when it needed to be done, it would probably have taken me 2 seconds and that’s it. 

Believe it or not, I’ve been working on this.  Just bit the bullet and cleaned my kitchen on Friday Night.  It wasn’t filthy, just cluttered and a bit messy.  But I made a promise to clean it, from top to bottom, on Friday night, and I did.  Attacked it as soon as I got home.  Did EVERYTHING.  Even mopped the floor.  TWICE!  I want to mop it again, because it just doesn’t feel clean [yet] to me.  And I’ve been KEEPING it clean!  YAY ME!  There are only 3 glasses in the sink (because they found their way to the kitchen during our 9 pm clean-up and the dishwasher had already been running).  They’ll get thrown into the dishwasher tonight.

I even used my Kitchen Momentum to do a bit in the Dining Room!  Granted, I’ve only been good at keeping the dining room table clutter-free, but it’s a start!  I did sweep the floor.  I’ve even sketched a plan for decorating the room (it requires procuring furniture from another room and purging furniture from the dining room).  It’s not much, but I’m proud of me 🙂

Obviously, the end of my PROCRASTINATION habit is building my DO IT NOW habit.  I’m trying to pass that one on to my son too. Which is where the 9 pm clean up comes from.  told him we have to clean up the living room/dining room/kitchen before we go up for bed, every night.  It’s so much nicer to get up to a CLEAN living room/dining room/kitchen every morning.  Keeps the mood light and keeps us happy in the mornings (I am SO not a morning person).

Let’s hope we can keep up the good work!


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