1 – Hobbies

I’m a day late…


Oh, I do love me my hobbies.  I love the planning, the execution…finishing…eh…but I do love a finished product.

I’ve made quite a few things this year (mostly in the last few months!)

I used to be a big crafty person, but it fell by the wayside many moons ago, as there was SO much to do. I’ve just gotten back into them recently.

I have so many hobbies:

Cross Stitch
Jewelry Making
Card Making
Rubber Stamping
General Crafting
Home Improvements (Yes, I consider this a hobby!)

And more that I just can’t think of right now.

I’ve got several projects in-progress right now…

Cross Stitch:  Celtic Summer.  Haven’t touched her in a while.  Will need to take a picture and post and update
Scrapbooking:  STILL working on Jake’s baby book; an xmas album and Jake’s school albums
Crochet:  Working on a sweater for  and some garland for the holidays
Jewelry Making:  just some holiday bracelets right now
Card Making:  holiday and birthday cards
Rubber Stamping:  done in conjunction with the Card Making
Sewing:  Have an outfit in the making and a cast cover to design for Gimpy
Quilting:  Haven’t done one in a while, but Nizzy would like another one 🙂
General Crafting:  Made ornaments for two exchanges
Reading:  Just finished the Hunger Games trilogy and walking around with Bridge To America by Linda Glaser
Home Improvements:  Need to rearrange some furniture and thinking of tearing apart and then rebuilding the desk I made a few years ago.

Like I don’t have enough to do in my day-to-day life!  LOL  But without my hobbies, I don’t think I’d stay sane.

Keep your eyes on this space, cuz I’ll post some pictures of each project (hopefully) later today.


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