30 – Maintenance

Well, I know I need to probably change the filter in my heater.  Hopefully I’ll remember to stop at Home Depot on my way home today.  Cross your fingers…

I just had the oil changed in my car, so that’s good until February.

I think I need a new filter in my fridge (in door ice/water)…add THAT to the Home Depot list.

I should probably take out all the User Manuals for all my appliances/electronics and set up some sort of schedule.  Been meaning to do this for YEARS!  I know I’m not the only person in the world who doesn’t follow the User Manuals to the letter, but seriously, that information is given for a reason and I should pay attention to it.

What else needs maintenance?

Certainly there’s medical maintenance (for us and the animals).  The humans are in a holding pattern, but I do need to make a vet appointment for Chi Chi (due for his shots).  I shall call today to set it up.  Hopefully it won’t break the bank (vet visits are insanely expensive, multiply by 5 and it’s downright scary!)

Oh well, that’s about all my brain is good for right now (maybe I need to add THAT to my maintenance list!?).  See ya tomorrow (for the next entry).


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