21 – Jacob

I refer to him, mostly as The Widget on here, but he goes by many names:

Booger Boy

And those are just the ones *I* use! LOL

He’s a rough year this year. He’s had two surgeries to correct congenital defects in his feet. His father didn’t even bother to show up at the hospital for the second surgery, but Jake still falls all over himself when it’s a daddy weekend. Go figure.

He left elementary school and started middle school (junior high). Low man on the totem pole, new teachers to "learn", a 6 story building to navigate, and new kids to make friends with (we have five elementary schools feeding into one middle).

The boys has NEVER complained. "Why me?" "Do I *have* to go?" "It’s not fair." He will come home and tell me if he’s had a bad go of things, but doesn’t ask to never go back again. In a way, it’s a great litmus for if he ever DOES come home and utter those words.

After his initial balking (of fear) over the surgeries, plunged forward and did what was necessary. The casts threw him for the first day or two and then he was off. The only things that he mutters about are lack of friend interaction (they all want to play physical games that he can’t do right now) and the cast itches. I was a rather solitary kid and we lived in the boonies, so the lack of friend interaction wouldn’t have bothered me too much (I don’t think). The itchy cast? Would have made me mental! Don’t tell anyone, but I got him one of those flexible rulers so he can get to different spots on his cast without risk of it breaking or cutting skin. I’ll probably get yelled at for it, but not only is a cast just normally itchy, he’s allergic to whatever chemical they used to prep his leg for surgery and he’s dealing with a [now] mild reaction to it in an area that we can’t clean for another 2 weeks.

The boy is a wonder.

Veteran’s Day I took him to see Adam Richman at a book signing at a local university bookstore. He was beside himself! He LOVES Adam! Want’s to be Adam’s side-kick LOL

He got the "celebrity stutter" when he actually got in front of Adam, but was so happy to get the book signed. Made his LIFETIME when Adam asked to sign Jake’s cast. OMG the face on that kid! LOL PRICELESS! Thank you, Adam, for giving him that.

This passed weekend, we went to the movies with my sister and my nephew. Saw "MEGAMIND". It was really cute and we had a great time. Afterward, we did our annual "kid swap" and took the boys xmas shopping for their mom’s. Both boys did an excellent job choosing their gifts, so my sister gave them each $10 to spend on themselves as well.

My nephew got something called a HEX BUG. Jake bought (with some of his own money as well) army men and baseball cards. After everyone checked out, we sat in the store food court and had some dinner. The boys played together for 3 HOURS with that HEX BUG. It’s been a long time since they’ve gotten along so well and for so long. Thank the gods for maturity.

We all had a terrific time at freakin TARGET for over 3 hours. LOL

Oh, before I forget, they boy also got his report card last week. He got 5 A’s and 2 B’s! WOO HOO! New school, new teachers, new friends and STILL makes honor roll? I’m puff-outta-my-shirt proud!!!

Is there ANY question why I love this kid? LOL


Comments on: "21 – Jacob" (2)

  1. Wonderful!

    It reminds me that The Toad actually had one great purpose in life…to bed you and make an amazing child!LOL! Now, I think he can probably go crawl under a rock. 😛 And don’t forget the fabulous mothering you’ve provided has helped guide Jacob into the fantastic child he’s become!

    Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Love ya’s!

    Amy Z.

  2. Re: Wonderful!

    Aww, thank you!

    You’re pretty fabulous yourself there, Aim. 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!! ❤

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