18 – Blessings

I have MANY blessings in my life.

First and foremost…THE WIDGET.

Absolutely the best thing that’s ever happened to me.  Love him to death.  And he’s such a good kid.  That’s *another* blessing.  Considering all he’s been through, he could be a royal pain in my ass, but he’s not.  He takes whatever comes and keeps going.  Amazing!

Another blessing?  The Widget’s health.  His asthma is under control.  He’s two surgeries went extremely well.  He’s doing very well in school (5 -As and 2-Bs…and that’s even missing 11 days of school for the most recent surgery!).  he’s made up all the work he missed and has been keeping up with everything else.  Even told me that he’s shooting for HIGH A’s.  Told me that a 90+ wasn’t enough, he wanted a 100 (on his latest math test)!

I love that boy!!!  Striving to do his best, ANOTHER blessing.

*I* am relatively healthy. 

I have a job (i may not always like it, but I have one)

I still have my home.

I have some of the best friends anyone could ask for.

I have a great family.

2 beautiful nephews.

5 incredibly ACTIVE cats.

Beautifully, straight teeth (YAY!)

Time (sometimes ) & money to craft

I can smile at least once, every single day.  Usually, I’m laughing too, but I’m easily amused. :-p

I could go on indefinitely, but will stop here because I’m tired, yet smiling.

I have a LOT to be thankful for…sometimes it’s nice to write it down just to SEE how much 🙂


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