Welp, it’s the 13th, so that means my topic for today is FlyLady.

I’ve been a flybaby for quite a few years now…constantly climbing on the wagon to fall off again in a few months.  Sometime it’s hard for me to follow because I have different zones than she does so I can’t follow the missions in the same manner, but that’s MY issue, not hers.

My zones are:

Zone 1:  Entrance, Living Room, Dining Room
Zone 2:  Kitchen
Zone 3:  Bathrooms
Zone 4:  My bedroom (ideally, The Widget would do HIS room too)
Zone 5:  Craft Room & Laundry Room (and again, The Widget would do the playroom)

The idea is to spend 15 minutes, per day for the week that you’re in your zone.  Some months, Zones 1 & 5 don’t get a full 5 days of focus, but you can always go back the following month.  When you first start, you’re just supposed to "declutter" for 15 minutes a day.  That means find homes for the items that are just taking up space in a "hot spot" (a "hot spot" is a place where you are notorious for dropping things to deal with later).  And a "home" can mean get rid of it!  That’s the hard thing for me.  I’m a bit of a packrat, but I’m getting better.

I swear I have ADD when it comes to cleaning.  I’ll start in one room, be fine until I come across something that belongs in another room and I will grab it and put it away.  Then I start putzing in THAT room and the vicious cycle continues all day, throughout the house and NOTHING gets done.  This frustrates me, so I say, "eff it" and fall off the wagon for a few months, only to try it all again later.

So, obviously, I’m in my "try it again" phase.  This time, I’m going to try REALLY, REALLY hard to "follow the rules" (groan).  And definitely use a timer.

I also try to set up my FlyLady so I don’t have to do ANY housework on the weekends (I try to use Saturday as my errands day and Sunday is a total eff off day).  I usually wind up doing nothing all week and then doing everything on Saturday (still leaving Sunday as my eff off day).  This works SOMETIMES, but then I have days like today where I burn out early and don’t get as much done as I want/need.

Since Monday we begin the 3rd week of November, I will be in Zone 3.  I will spend 15 minutes, each day, in each bathroom.  Let’s hope it makes a difference and I stick to the plan…


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