Cheetah Adventures

My kitty, Chi Chi (pronounced "chee chee") has an eye problem šŸ˜¦

Kitties have 3 eyelids.  His third eyelid won’t OPEN (previously had written close) all the way.

the last time this happened, he had some balance issues as well (would fall over while trying to walk).  THAT time was a nightmare.  Turned out he had hemobartinella.  Cost me $2000 to get him healthy…but if anyone’s ever met Chi Chi, you’d know it was totally worth it.  This cat is the shit, man.  Best damn kitty EVER!

He’s a semi-feral cat.  He LOVES to be outside and absolutely HATES the zoo that we have inside, so he only comes in for food and cuddles and then leaves immediately.  LOL

Anyway, I noticed that his eyelid wasn’t opening and made an appointment for the vet (after waiting about 10 days to see if it would just "go away", since he didn’t have the balance issues too…I know, BAD KITTY MAMA!).  It took The Widget and I a while to FIND Cheetah and catch him to put him in the carrier.  We get him in the carrier (OY, what an ordeal), get him in the car and start driving to the vet.

About 1/2 way there, The Widget screams out "OMG he got out!" So I’m scrambling to roll up windows to keep Cheetah from jumping out of the moving car! 

The stinker UNZIPPED the top of the carrier and got out!

Damn that cat is smart.

We get to the vet and I tell The Widget not to open any doors, but to crawl in the back and open the carrier a little more to see if Chi Chi will crawl back in.  Thankfully he does.

We get him seen.  They did a dye test on his eye, to see if there were any scratches on his cornea, but found nothing, so they diagnosed him with conjunctivitis.  We have to put 3-4 drops in his eye, twice a day for 5-7 days.  Yeah, ok.  THIS will be fun…NOT!

So, we have good intentions and plan to keep him inside, in The Widget’s room (away from the other kitties cuz he hates them).  That lasted until 630 this morning when he about knocked me over barreling his way through the door.  He spent the next 20 minutes bitching and moaning around the downstairs and swatting at the other cats.  He wanted OUT! (found out that he had scratched The Widget at 4 am when he tried to pet him šŸ˜¦  Chi Chi RARELY pulls his claws out on anyone…he was extremely unhappy).

We tackled him by the front door and I held him while The Widget put the drops in his eyes.  Wouldn’t you know The Widget got scratched AGAIN?!  Poor kid.   But what a trooper.

We let Chi Chi go outside, because it was either that or he would get out later in the day when someone came to visit my Aunt.  When Chi Chi wants out, there’s next to nothing to stop it from happening.

I thought for sure, once he was outside, it would be a LONG while before we saw him again. 


He came up to me 10 minutes later for pets and cuddles.

He still lubs me šŸ™‚

At least I have hope that I will be able to wrestle him later tonite to "drop" him again.

Being a kitty parent is FUN!

Cheetah Hiding From The Vet
Chi Chi hiding from the vet šŸ˜¦


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