It’s Wednesday!

I’ve got my nephew for the week.  He didn’t want to go to Y camp (because his friend wouldn’t be there) and his mama had to work this week, and since my Widget stays home with my aunt during the day, with her permission, I said to send Red down here for the week.

Now, granted, The Widget and Red don’t always get along very well, but The Widget was very excited about his cousin coming down.  They’ve had their "growing pains" as the days wear on, but for the most part, they’re doing really well! 

They play outside most of the day.  Riding bikes/scooters, playing ball, and just plain playing.

And if they get on each other’s nerves, they have "neutral corners" to go to (Red brought his Wii down with him.  I set that up on the living room TV, The Widget’s is on the playroom TV).

They both come in when called.  Monday The Widget helped with dinner, but they both cleaned up the table before and after.  Yesterday was a cheater pizza night, but tonight Red is supposed to help me with dinner. 

AND they both *listen* when I ask them to do something (for the most part).  I’ve been getting back to walking in the evening’s with my friend, N.  I make the boys take their meds before I leave (melatonin for both, amox for Red…he has a cough) and one gets in the shower.  By the time I get back from my walk, both are sleepy, showered, in jammies, had a snack, dirties in teh laundry basket and they’re on the couch(es) watching Disney.  πŸ™‚

Both went to bed when told, with no issues.  It’s been wonderful!

The Widget has a PT appointment tonight and I gave Red the option of coming with or staying with Inny.  Now, if he stays, he can’t play outside, because Inny can’t get to him in an emergency or even to just call him in.  He thought about and decided to stay with Inny because "she might need something" πŸ™‚  He *obviously* doesn’t live with her on a regular basis LOL  However, it was an extremely sweet gesture.  We’ll see if he changes his mind before the appointment tonight.

However, the absolute BEST part of this whole week?

I get to kiss two sleepy boy heads on my way out the door for work!  I just ♥love♥ it!!!


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