The Snowball Effect

I’ve started my Snowball.

And I’m incredibly excited!  šŸ™‚  So much so, that I’ve been bouncy, energetic and WEEPY today.  I posted on Dave Ramsey’s Facebook Page that I wasn’t yet Debt-Free (it’s Debt Free Friday), but that I had *just* paid off my first Snowball Bill [braces are paid for, baby!!!]. 

I was so excited to share that! 

FF a bit and I started getting all these notifications that others "liked" what I had written.  Even got a few "congrats" as well.  Well, THAT just set the waterworks to flowin’! 

Who knew a little "you go, girl!" could have that kind of effect?  šŸ™‚

It got me motivated to finalize my budget.  I’ve got my envelopes ready to go.  I’m gonna balance the checkbook and fill the envelopes tomorrow! 

I’m motivated!

I’m excited!

I will be DEBT-FREE before 50!


Comments on: "The Snowball Effect" (1)

  1. Anonymous said:


    I’m so proud of you!!! We started our snowball in January but had to take a short vacation from it over the last couple months due to school expenses. It’s better to do that and have money to pay cash for school fees and supplies, right? We’re back at it on Sept 1st!

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