I’ve been tired, cranky, miserable, and just plain unpleasant the last few weeks.

And of course, there’s nothing “medically” to explain anything. My ear canals are narrow (one is curved) so the doc can’t say definitively whether I have an ear infection or not. And I’m tired of going to the doc to pay to hear, “we can’t find anything, but here, take this anyway”. UGH!

So, I didn’t go. I’ve noticed that I’ve been clearning my throat a lot lately, so I started taking Zyrtec (for the allergies that must be causing the post-nasal drip, that must be causing said throat-clearing). Post-nasal drip (I assume) is also causing my constant nausea. Friday night it was so bad, I really thought I was going to be sick. Even The Widget looked scared for me (I jumped up off the couch and took off for the bathroom). As soon as I was vertical, I got the tell-tale pain behind my left eye. *sigh* Drugged myself wiht my migraine meds, prayed I wouldn’t get sick (but left my retainers OUT, just in case) and put myself to bed. At 8:30. On a Friday Night. How pathetic!

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. Now, I go to bed relatively early, because I get up pretty early (between 5 and 6 am). However, lately, I can go to bed at 8:30, sleep soundly and be flippin exhausted at 5 or 6! WTH?!

I’m trying to head everything off by getting back to walking in the evening with my girlfriends, taking my Zyrtec before my shower, and taking Juice Plus+ again. Build up the immune system and hopefully the energy levels.

It’s probably stress. School is starting soon and The Widget will be starting the Middle School. I’m worried for him. I’m also worried about informing all the right people about his upcoming surgery and getting everything in place to make sure the surgery/recovery goes smoothly and he doesn’t fall behind in school.

Did I mention surgery isn’t for two months yet. A little OVER two months, and I’ve been basically in a panic since March (that last surgery).

MAYBE, just maybe, after this next one, I can stop stressing myself out?

I know I should find an outlet for all this stress, but there’s no friggin time! I feel like the rabbit from Alice In Wonderland…”I’m late! I’m late!” I’m NEVER late. EVER. But lately, it seems like I’m ALWAYS late (and maybe it’s just another, self-inflicted stressor, but good lord, I *hate* being late!) (and btw, this isn’t a euphamism for the other kind of being late…my cycle is like clockwork TYVM).

I want…no I NEED a vacation. A REAL ONE. But work and the rest of the world will consider my time off with a convalescing child a vacation.




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