I’ve not updated in a while…I doubt anyone noticed.

I do have books to add to my “read” list, but I can’t be bothered to remember what they are right now.

Been busy doing my work and home thing.

Jacob is doing very well without his cast. Actually been running and got more range of motion with his foot. Still has “miles to go”, but he’s doing it!

Next surgery has been scheduled for 21 OCT. I’m hoping, since we already know what to expect, that it won’t be so stressful the second time around. We shall see.

Jacob finished 5th grade and is now officially a Middle Schooler. *cries* He’s actually quite nervous about starting the middle school, and to be honest, so am I. In my opinion/experience, middle school is where boys have the worst time adjusting/changing/existing. High School is the pits for girls. Thankfully, I don’t have a girl to worry about (but I’ll still worry about my friends with girls).

Jake is a “follower”. Badly wants to be accepted and liked. This will make him “easy pickings” in MS. Mama Bear wants to crush and maul anyone who messes with her cub (and probably will), but she also knows that he needs to fight his way outta these [potential] scraps himself.

Add in that he’s having his surgery early on in the year, and he’s just advertising that he’s “special”, “different”, “TARGET”. I’m *really* hoping he won’t be singled-out and that there will be children there who’s parents are actually GOOD ROLE MODELS and INVOLVED, but I’m not holding my breath (his MS has FIVE elementary schools feeding into the 6th grade).

Enough MS whining.

Summer is in full swing. Jake has been playing outside (and inside *sigh*). It’s been BLAZING hot at times, but he still manages to find something to do. Hoping to take a few days off and just do something fun. No chores. No work. No “drama”. Just fun…cross your fingers for me.

My friend, the Runner, is back from her VERY LONG work trip! We’re planning a girls day at the CKC in VF and then a casual BBQ at my place. We’ve all missed our bud and want to welcome her back!

Started some new crafting projects…

Celtic Summer (cross stitch)
pants/top (sewing)
Sweater for The Crafty One (crochet)

I will fix/finish this later…gotta go do work…



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