Medical Mess Update

Saw the Cardiologist last Thursday.


All his numbers were within acceptable range.

Clean bill of health.


Yesterday, we saw the Orthopedic Spine Specialist.

Yes, he does have Spondylolysis…and the disc has moved, so it’s now Spondylolisthesis.


NOT  :-/

Some good news though. As long as he is not in pain, we don’t have to do anything and don’t have to return for a year! I like that! 🙂

Funny thing happened while there. The nurse practitioner who came in to see us also works for his other doctor (foot). So we happened to mention that the little booger decided to scratch down his cast with a pencil and had the eraser end fall off and stay IN the cast.

Well…that’s a BIG no-no. Cast had to be immediately removed. Foot was x-rayed (to monitor continued progress) and then he was re-casted with his new FLOURESCENT walking cast. LOL He chose red and orange for his cast The orange is basically the same color as an orange highlighter! LOL (pics to follow).  He was almost a week early with the walking cast, so he’s not supposed to walk on it until next week, but we’re both excited that it’s on!

It seems he may have had an allergic reaction to the “chemprep” they used on his leg before surgery. His leg was ANGRY red and he had a really ugly rash. As soon as his cast was removed, I washed that disgusting, smelly, raw leg/foot as best I could (and almost obsessively). Hopefully, there will be no FO repeats.

The best part of THAT little (7 hour!) fiasco was that we now don’t have to keep our appointment on Monday. I don’t have to miss work (and try to make up hours) and Jacob doesn’t have to miss yet ANOTHER day of school! YAY!!!

We don’t go back to CHOP until 09 JUN for removal of the walking cast and then we’ll be given “The Boot”.

I think I’ll go sleep for a month now.


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