To Do List

This Passed Weekend’s List:

  • Laundry (SO far behind, it will be a trip to the laundry mat to get it all done…YAY!  not)
  • Get the wax off the walls and floor from the candle that the %&*&!% cats knocked over
  • Start pinning baby quilt together
  • Get rid of trash from playroom/craft room
  • sweep all floors
  • use floor cleaner (that I forgot I had) on bedroom floor (just to try it out)
  • dishes
  • work on Celtic Spring
  • Read my book
  • watch a little SG-1 (I *think* I’m in Season 5 somewhere)
  • clean off/organize my sewing area
  • take donations to Goodwill
  • figure out how to re-arrange The Widget’s room to be easier for him after his surgery
  • Move pantry in kitchen? (wonder if I can do that without help…hmmm…don’t tell Nizzy)

Gee, anyone surprised that I got almost NOTHING done?!  Yeah, me either.

Friday Night, I hung out with my Crafty Ladies.  FInished all the beading on the Celtic Spring dress.  Just have the beading on the left-hand border left.  Thank the GODS!  I’m so fucking sick of beading!!!!!

All the laundry is not done, but I don’t get paid again until Wednesday (rent), so can’t go to the laundromat to do the big stuff (pillows, comforters, etc.).  I caught up on everything else (hallelujah), but I’m still peeved that I didn’t get it ALL done.   Of course, that *could* be because I sat and read my book.  ALL. WEEKEND.  Well, CK did come over for a bit, but after he left, I read.  Breaking occasionally to flip-flop laundry, make chex mix, do dishes and shower.

Today’s To Do List:

FLYLADY ZONE 1:  Living Room, Dining Room, Entrance

  • Get the wax off the walls and floor from the candle that the %&*&!% cats knocked over
  • Sweep the floors
  • Mop the floors
  • Dust
  • Clean window on Front Door
  • (someday, I wanna paint the damn living room)
  • laundry
  • dinner (teriyaki chex mix chicken…new recipe)
  • dishes

I think I’ll stop there.  I might actually get all that done…maybe.  All depends.  I’m trying to work anywhere from 1/2 hour to 2 hours extra per day, to try to bank hours for The Widget’s surgery.  I want to be able to take time off to be home with him.  Granted, his surgery is scheduled for a Friday, so I will definitely have to take that day off, but it’s two days after my birthday, and I usually take my birthday off, so figured, why not take Weds thru Fri off?  Who knows…But I wish I had enough time to take the entire week after his surgery off.  I just want to be sure he’s comfortable, ok and safe.  I know I have friends who would be (and ARE) willing to tag-team this effort with me, but it hurts my heart that I can’t do it all myself. 

Shouldn’t a mom be able to take care of her own child?  Alone?

Damn it.


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