This Weekend’s To Do

Oh, I have totally blown the To Do List this week.  Hell, I think I blew just about everything I tried this week.

Whatever, "tomorrow is another day".

Gods, I hate Scarlet O’Hara…


This weekend, I *plan* (oh, there’s that word again) to accomplish the following:

  • Laundry (SO far behind, it will be a trip to the laundry mat to get it all done…YAY!  not)
  • Get the wax off the walls and floor from the candle that the %&*&!% cats knocked over
  • Start pinning baby quilt together
  • Get rid of trash from playroom/craft room
  • sweep all floors
  • use floor cleaner (that I forgot I had) on bedroom floor (just to try it out)
  • dishes
  • work on Celtic Spring
  • Read my book
  • watch a little SG-1 (I *think* I’m in Season 5 somewhere)
  • clean off/organize my sewing area
  • take donations to Goodwill
  • figure out how to re-arrange The Widget’s room to be easier for him after his surgery
  • Move pantry in kitchen? (wonder if I can do that without help…hmmm…don’t tell Nizzy)

Ok, I think I’ll stop there.  I probably won’t get all of that done anyway, no sense in adding more that won’t get done.


Comments on: "This Weekend’s To Do" (2)

  1. I watched a little SG-1 while painting dudes. I was watching on the Sci-Fi channel before I got the complete compilation. Now I am catching up on misc. shows that I missed the first time around.

  2. Anonymous said:

    How many days exactly does your weekend have? ^^
    I have a similar list, including being far behind on laundry, and I hope that both of us get at least a LOT of the things on our list done.
    But for now, drinking tea and sitting at the computer 😀
    Karen from Our Deer Baby who still hasn’t figured out what her openid id is.

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