Daily Divination

I should have given an idea of what Tarot cards I was using and what Runes…oops…

Runes are blue glass (bought off eBay, MANY moons ago)
Tarot are Celtic Dragon Tarot by DJ Conway.

Today’s draw:

Runes: < kenaz: Torch

Meaning (from The Meanings of Runes)

Phonetic equivalent: c (as in ‘candle’)
wisdom, insight, solution to a problem, creativity, inspiration, enlightenment
for creative inspiration, aid in study, fertility, dispelling anxiety and fear
Mimir, the Dwarfs, Muspellheim

In modern usage, the Scottish ‘ken’ means to know or understand, and this is the sense in which the rune should interpreted. Today, light, inspiration and knowledge are often associated, as in ‘gaining enlightenment’ and ‘shedding light on the problem’, and even in the image of a lightbulb going on over someone’s head when they get an idea. To bring light is to make the invisible visible.
Unlike the wisdom gained at þurisaz, kenaz only allows us to take bits and pieces of this knowledge away with us as we need it, usually at the discretion of the Gods. This knowledge will generally come in the form of a sudden inspiration, and we will be able to see clearly the answer that was once hidden from us. This form of wisdom is more closely associated with the right half of the brain than the left, since it does not come through conscious effort but rather through passively opening one’s self to it. Thus, a more feminine element is added to our journeyer’s experience.

The act of bringing light into the darkness is also a creative one. Again consider the image of the person carrying a torch , representing the masculine elements of fire and air, entering the cave and penetrating the feminine realm of earth and water. This joining of masculine and feminine elements results in the creation of new ideas. In physical terms, this can be correlated to the application of fire to mold and shape matter – the art of the smith.

Tarot: Seven of Cups…reversed


indulging in wishful thinking
creating fantasies
getting caught up in illusions
letting your imagination run wild
kidding yourself about the facts
building castles in the air
waiting for your ship to come in
lacking focus and commitment
avoiding putting ideas to the test

having many options
being offered many alternatives
facing an array of choices
believing in limitless possibilities
looking at a wide open field
getting to pick and choose

falling into dissipation
letting everything go
becoming disorganized
eating/drinking/partying to excess
neglecting your health
entering into addictive patterns
being inclined toward indolence
being lazy


As I gaze around the room right now, taking in the casual disarray, I know the Seven of Cups speaks to me – for better or worse. It says, “Yes, order and hard work are nice, but … isn’t it more fun to just let everything go?” Letting everything go is what the Seven of Cups is all about.

It is easy to worship the gods of efficiency and neatness. We like trim lawns, alphabetized filing systems and time management – the world of the Emperor. We admire order in all its forms and want everything to be just right. The Seven of Cups provides the balance. This card stands for all that is sloppy, impractical and lax.

When the Seven of Cups appears in a reading, it is important to look carefully at how disordered your situation is. Is everything too controlled and regular? Perhaps you need to let things fall apart a little. When a rigid system breaks up, there can be a tremendous release of creativity. The man on the Seven of Cups is amazed by all the options he has.

On the other hand, if you are in a chaotic situation, some tightening may be necessary. No one is happy and productive in a crazy environment. Regularity gives structure to life. Taken to an extreme, the looseness of the Seven of Cups can lead to harmful patterns of decadence, addiction and self-indulgence.

Sometimes the laziness applies to your thoughts and dreams. It is easy to wish for something, but not so easy to make that wish come true. When you see this card, make sure that you are backing up your plans with work and effort. Tighten up your life and commit yourself to doing what it takes to reach your goals … even if it means (sigh) cleaning house.

Wowzers, couldn’t have gotten two more “right on the money” draws!

I *have* been “cleaning house”. It’s the new year, time for a new me and all that crap. I literally cleaned the dining room and living room (not CLEAN, clean, but straighten up a bit, clean) before I even left for work this morning. Granted, I was waiting for a friend to show up so I could take her to the airport, but still…

And it’s interesting that I got “kenaz” again today. Apprently, I have a lot to learn and understand…most likely about myself.

I’d say I most need to learn to become a little more UNstructured, let the creativity return. Which makes sense because the more I try to tighten the strings and force everything to go a certain way, the more it just falls apart and become totally chaotic.

I shall have to reflect upon this one for a bit…


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