Daily Divination

Taking a page out of Lewen_W‘s life, I am pulling one rune and one tarot card each day (or, will TRY to).

Rune: < kenaz: torch

Meaning (from The Meanings of Runes)

Phonetic equivalent: c (as in ‘candle’)
wisdom, insight, solution to a problem, creativity, inspiration, enlightenment
for creative inspiration, aid in study, fertility, dispelling anxiety and fear
Mimir, the Dwarfs, Muspellheim

In modern usage, the Scottish ‘ken’ means to know or understand, and this is the sense in which the rune should interpreted. Today, light, inspiration and knowledge are often associated, as in ‘gaining enlightenment’ and ‘shedding light on the problem’, and even in the image of a lightbulb going on over someone’s head when they get an idea. To bring light is to make the invisible visible.
Unlike the wisdom gained at þurisaz, kenaz only allows us to take bits and pieces of this knowledge away with us as we need it, usually at the discretion of the Gods. This knowledge will generally come in the form of a sudden inspiration, and we will be able to see clearly the answer that was once hidden from us. This form of wisdom is more closely associated with the right half of the brain than the left, since it does not come through conscious effort but rather through passively opening one’s self to it. Thus, a more feminine element is added to our journeyer’s experience.

The act of bringing light into the darkness is also a creative one. Again consider the image of the person carrying a torch , representing the masculine elements of fire and air, entering the cave and penetrating the feminine realm of earth and water. This joining of masculine and feminine elements results in the creation of new ideas. In physical terms, this can be correlated to the application of fire to mold and shape matter – the art of the smith.

Tarot: TWO jumped out of the deck while shuffling; Page of Wands and Page of Cups. Interesting…

Meaning (from

Page of Wands:


Be Creative
take a novel approach
be original
find a new area of self-expression
use your art
come up with a solution
go in a new direction

Be Enthusiastic
jump in wholeheartedly
get excited
show optimism
be the first to volunteer
be passionate
get your blood flowing

Be Confident
tackle a challenge
say “yes, I can”
believe in yourself
stretch your envelope
move beyond doubts
focus on success
know that where there’s a will, there’s a way

Be Courageous
take a risk
be daring
have an adventure
avoid the sure thing
take assertive action
be a leader
overcome a fear


The Page of Wands is a messenger bringing you opportunities for passion. He delivers real chances to experience creativity, courage, charm and inspiration – the wonders of the Wands suit. In readings, this Page suggests that an opening may appear that excites you, feeds your talents, or dares you to be great. When you see such a chance, act on it!

The Page of Wands can also stand for a child or young-at-heart adult whose interactions with you involve independence, high energy, risky behavior, or shared enthusiasms. Sometimes the Page of Wands implies that your entire situation is suffused with the spirit of excitement and adventure. At such times, feel free to express your individuality and power with light-hearted abandon.

Page of Cups:


Be Emotional
be moved or touched
let your feelings show
respond to beauty
be sentimental or romantic
shed your detachment
let your heart lead the way

Be Intuitive
receive guidance from within
act on a hunch
remember your dreams
have a psychic experience
experience direct knowing
trust your gut reaction

Be Intimate
start or renew a love affair
meet someone you’re attracted to
get closer to someone
go beyond formalities
have a special moment of togetherness
solidify a friendship
share something personal

Be Loving
make a thoughtful gesture
express sympathy and understanding
forgive yourself
forgive someone who has hurt you
apologize to someone you have hurt
reach out and touch someone
mend a broken relationship
brighten someone’s day
respond with caring rather than anger
refuse to judge or condemn


The Page of Cups is Cupid bringing you opportunities for love. He delivers real chances to experience romance, deep feelings and the inner life – the wonders of the Cups suit. In readings, this Page suggest that an opening may appear that stirs your emotions, pulls at your heartstrings or brings you great joy. When you see such a chance, act on it!

The Page of Cups can also stand for a child or young-at-heart adult whose interactions with you involve emotional needs, moodiness, love, intimacy or spirituality. Sometimes the Page of Cups implies that your entire situation is suffused with the spirit of love and emotion. At such times, feel free to express and enjoy your feelings with light-hearted abandon.

Court Card Pairs: Page-Page

two child-like people
focus of a Page is doubled
powerful opportunity with two different aspects



Very interesting…

note I’m using the online descriptions because I can’t find my tarot book and I’m quite new to rune-work.


Comments on: "Daily Divination" (2)

  1. If you are ever interested in doing a Rune study, just holler at me. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just taking a Rune and discussing/studying it. I like to hear other people’s perspectives. Just a thought!

    I have found that pulling one a day helps you to get familiar with the name and sight of them. 🙂

  2. AWESOME! That would be great! I love my runes, but they’re already rubbing off the stone…should have opted for the stone ones that I *really* wanted *sigh*

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